Nathan Willis

United States
Nate Willis is a writer and consultant who has been an active member of the free-software community for longer than he cares to remember. He currently develops open-source fonts, works on type-related free-software projects, and advocates for open standards within the font-development and publishing world. By night, he works with the libre graphics community and helps organize Texas Linux Fest, a community open-source event in Texas, and Libre Graphics Meeting, the annual summit for developers of open-source graphics software.

In years past, he wrote and edited news about Linux, free software, and open source. He has spoken at LinuxCon, GUADEC, SCaLE, Linux Plumbers Conference, FOSDEM, the Automotive Linux Summit, Linux Conf Australia, the Maemo Summit, and Libre Graphics Meeting. Whatever time is left he spends hacking around in automotive computing.

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, September 18